Alex (danditigress) wrote in diet_club,

Hello! I'm Alex, and thought some people here might find this to be of use. This site primarily emphasizes food finds that are low in calories and fat (and WW points if you count), but also tasty and convenient. It offers a very vast selection and shows how easy it can be to maintain a healthy weight without having to deprive yourself. There are almost no "Diet" foods, though there are some, because the focus is on every day food that you would actually want to eat even if you aren't dieting.

It is updated every day, and offers recipes, restaurant finds, healthy weight loss/management tips, and comparison of food items. It's also cute and humorous...

So, anyway, here is the link
And if you'd like to subscribe to daily e-mails, you can subscribe here:

If you do subscribe, you would help me out (for a contest) if you put the e-mail address of: in the "How Did You Discover Hungry Girl" section! (If I win, you would win, too). So if you do end up doing that, thank you much!
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