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Come on - lets get healthy

Diet Club
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So in my searches I couldn't find communities for the healthy dieter/ healthy lifestyles so here it is. I want everyone to feel welcome here to let us know how you are doing.

I created this not for you to post every day exactly what you eat unless you think it will help someone but to come here and let us know your accomplishments or to ask for help when you need it - maybe some recipe swapping too. I know we all have some good low cal recipes that might help others out - Basically what I want is for us all to help each other out when we can and when its needed

Healthy doesn't mean a certain weight or really skinny - healthy and happy is just that. We aren't all meant to weigh 120lbs - We are all meant to be healthy.

For all you folks that are annorexic - if you want to be healthy - welcome - for those that are still embracing their damaging behavior please go to the communities made for you.

You will be banned for drama - I hope I don't have to moderate too much here. If you are having a problem - email me directly.

Let me know if you think something needs to be added to the interests or changes you think that would help us all out- I've left this open to all people to join - but if it gets really crazy I may change that. I want you all to feel comfortable to post here

Here's a couple of links having to do with finding the correct calorie range to make you healthy and lose weight.
Calorie Needs
Calories to lose weight
Just a ton of info