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New Member!

Hi, I just peeked at the community and see that it's not overly active, but not dead in the water, either way. So I hope you guys don't mind if I post every now and again. That said, let me introduce myself. ^_^

I'm Komadori, and I've been overweight since high school (which is a good while, since I'll be 32 in July). It's been from 180 to 285 since I was 17, a few pounds added a year, if you average it out, though the last few years, it's been as high as 295 and as low as 230 (back in 2003).

When I had lost weight from 280 - 230 in 2003, I thought I'd keep it off, but my lifestyle changed, and up it went. And since then, I've been ignoring the issue. --Until it affected my health to the extent that I'm now borderline diabetic.

So, though in the past, my goal was to lose weight, this time, it's to get in shape. I've already changed my diet, since finding out. I've lost 10 pounds since(thus the 295 number. It may have been higher at some point but I wasn't weighing myself at the time...). All because I cut down my starches and cut out regular sugar.

I'm looking at the Hacker's Diet, now, and so I'm starting to log my weight, starting at what it is currently. I'm also going to start doing what worked for me the last time, which is mainly having my large meal for breakfast and cutting down on my diet sodas while drinking more water.

I look forward to hearing from people on the group. Please, don't be shy. Share what you are having issues with and what's working for you. :) That's what this place is for, right? ^_^
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