Compassionate (royannadawn) wrote in diet_club,

The kids are about to kill me. Yesterday I was actually really pumped up about being halfway to my goal weight. Every night Samantha asks me how my diet is going. I think she finds it novel that I'm dieting. She is skinny. She doesn't understand that this isn't a crash diet and I'm not trying to lose 5 or ten pounds. I'm trying to lose 70! She doesn't get that I will struggle always with my weight the same way I have always struggled with my weight. She always asks about my diet then says something like, "Sounds like you're not allowed to eat much." or "Wow, that doesn't sound like much food." She doesn't actually listen to the amount of food I'm eating, just makes a snap judgement because it's a "diet." She told me last night that I don't really need to lose weight. I'm sorry, honey, I do. She said, "Your diet is just so restrictive!" Ummm... no. It's not. I told her I had lost 35 pounds, but that I still have 35 to lose. She was shocked and said that I don't and that I look fine. She then started to talk about how her mom is getting a tummy tuck. Good for her. While she's paying for that you might want to ask where the child support money is. But that's a different story all together! We moved on from the weight discussion and Lexi told Samantha she liked her jeans. She asked what size they were (wondering if she could borrow them). She told her they were ones... that she usually wore threes, bur for some reason she got these in a one. That's when I turned to Jess and said, "Ummmm... that's why I need to be on a diet!" Samantha tried to stand up for herself by saying, "I used to be a nine!" I laughed and said I used to be a nine too! I wish I could be a nine again!" I was a nine at my lowest weight ever! Jess just turned to her and said, "When were you ever that big?!" She said, "In 8th and 9th grade. I was CHUBBY! You should have seen my gut! I have pictures to prove it!" Yeah... that made me feel better. A LOT better.... right.
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