Courtney Lynn (dancenaked) wrote in diet_club,
Courtney Lynn

So I just joined this community because I find it near impossible to motivate myself to lose weight. I have the desire, but it just isn't enough when I don't have any other motivation. It's sad to say, but I find it helps more if I have others to help keep me motivated, even if it with reverse motivation or by telling how fat I am or whatever. Eh. I am 21, 5'5" and currently 170. That is the highest I have ever been, and in the last 2 years I have gained the last 40 of those pounds. I know it is partly because of my schedule - a full time college student who was also working in a doctor's office part time - but now I am only a full time college student, looking for a new job, and hoping to drop at least 25 if not 30 lbs. It seems impossible though! I can't seem to find the time everyday to work out like I should or just decide that sleep would be more beneficial... I lost almost 15 lbs this summer and then put it back on plus some. My weight fluctuates with stress and that doesn't help either. :( I am getting married in September and would love to have lost some of my "burden" by then, Sept. 22! But right now I definately need motivation and possibly lots of advice. :o) This community looked like a great place to find the support I need!

Anyway, just introducing myself and looking forward to getting to know y'all! :o)
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