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Hey all
I'm new! I'm here for support mainly. I am 21 years old, 5ft5 and approaching 160lbs! I'm not quite sure what's going on here! I bought an AB Lounge, some Trimspa, and got a gold's gym membership for Christmas. I AM READY! I need to motivate. I think as long as look at myself naked I'll get going. Blah...
There is one other thing...I haven't seen hide nor hair of my period since October...I'm wondering if I am gaining weight due to this? (and no, I don't believe myself to be pregnant...3 home pregnancy tests have given me a negative reading on 3 separate occasions) I have a dr's appt. monday to figure that all out.
How do you all keep from being hungry all the time? What do you nsack on and does it keep your tummy from grumbling? Mine sounds like Satan and it is VERY lie lol. I think that's it for now...I hope someone took the time to read this and will talk to me and maybe be a diet buddy!
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I was strolling through looking for communities to join about weight loss and saw your post. Good luck with the diet. I have a similar situation. I'm also 5'5" but weigh 193lbs (mercy!). I've gotten the speech from doctors to get it off and my cholesterol is HIGH. The last week or so I've been trying to watch what I eat and instead of taking out all carbs, just decrease them. When I weighed today, I was 189. Yipee! Anyway, I've found that water and even diet soda helps keep me from feeling overly hungry. Also, you can try light snacks like yogurt or fruits, even Baked Lays Chips are a good snack. Hope you continue to progress!
hey thanx! Maybe you and I could correspond regularly for moral support...?


January 13 2006, 16:14:59 UTC 11 years ago

Yes, let's keep in touch. It will be a great help!


January 13 2006, 16:17:57 UTC 11 years ago

realized, it may be easier I if give you my email :)
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